Week #4 Word List – C Words

Week #4 Word List - C Words

Worksheet Description

This 5th grade spelling word list is part of our 30-week spelling program.

Here are all the words on list used in a sentence:

  • cause- It is a wonderful cause, so I hope it raises a lot of money.
  • celebrate- I will be there in time to celebrate!
  • centuries- The statues have been standing for centuries.
  • century- That invention dates back to the previous century.
  • chemical- The chemical equation left me confused!
  • chocolate- The chocolate fountain was a perfect touch.
  • chosen- We have chosen three people to advance on.
  • chuckle- Everyone might chuckle if you say that.
  • circular- Trace the circular pattern onto your paper.
  • climate- The tropical climate is unbearable at times.