Week #29 Word List – T, U, V Words

Week #29 Word List - T, U, V Words

Worksheet Description

This is part of our 4th spelling worksheet curriculum series.

Here are all of the words on this worksheet used in sentences:

  • twenty- The twenty deer stood in the field.
  • usefulness- The robot’s usefulness is debatable.
  • usher- The usher walked us inside.
  • usually- We are usually here until much later.
  • utensil- The utensil does not belong in the trash.
  • vegetable- Did you bring a vegetable?
  • verdict- The verdict in the play shocked everyone.
  • villain- The villain ran away before he could be caught.
  • vocal- Her vocal experience is impressive.
  • voucher- The voucher can be used anywhere in the park.