Week #18 Word List – N & O Words

Week #18 Word List - N & O Words

Worksheet Description

This 5th grade spelling word list is part of our 30-week spelling program.

Here are all the words on list used in a sentence:

  • neighbor- My neighbor gave that to me a long time ago.
  • neither- Neither one of us know what to do.
  • northern- The northern border is about sixty miles away.
  • notice- I did not notice the scratch.
  • noticeable- The mistake is quite noticeable.
  • numeral- The numeral needs to be written neater.
  • numerator- What numerator is needed to solve the problem?
  • observe- I came here to observe the many birds.
  • opposite- That is the opposite of what you told me yesterday.
  • original- Is that the original manuscript?