Week #12 Word List – G Words

Week #12 Word List - G Words

Worksheet Description

This 5th grade spelling word list is part of our 30-week spelling program.

Here are all the words on list used in a sentence:

  • glossaries- I do not usually the glossaries in the back of my textbooks.
  • government- The government is a democracy.
  • governor- The governor was elected to his second term.
  • graceful- The graceful melody lulled me to sleep.
  • graph- The graph accurately represented the store’s sales.
  • grasp- I cannot grasp the icy material with my hands.
  • grateful- She has a very grateful heart.
  • grease- The grease made the floor slippery.
  • grief- People process grief in different ways.
  • grown-up- The grown-up was a lot taller than the small child.