Walking with Mahavira

Walking with Mahavira Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet delves into the life and teachings of Lord Mahavira, a central figure in Jainism and a proponent of peace and nonviolence in ancient Indian civilization. It describes his journey from royalty to renunciation, highlighting the transformative period at the age of 30 when he chose to seek spiritual truth through asceticism. The text outlines Mahavira’s enduring hardships, his path to enlightenment, and the establishment of a dedicated following based on the principles of nonviolence, truthfulness, and self-discipline. Additionally, it touches upon how Mahavira’s teachings not only shaped Jainism but also had a wider cultural impact on the Indian subcontinent.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the philosophical tenets of Jainism as espoused by Mahavira, emphasizing the importance of ahimsa (nonviolence) in both thought and action. It explains the Jain concept of anekantavada, the multifaceted nature of truth and reality, encouraging students to appreciate the complexity of ethical living and the value of diverse perspectives. Through learning about Mahavira’s life, students are invited to explore themes of self-control, the value of a simple life, and the pursuit of peace. The ultimate goal is to provide insight into how ancient teachings can inform modern ethical standards and foster a more harmonious society.