Use “It” to Transform

Use "It" to Transform

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students how to convert simple sentences into cleft sentences using “it.” It includes a set of sentences with certain words in bold, which students are instructed to emphasize by rewriting the sentences into the cleft format. The exercise requires the students to apply the cleft sentence structure, particularly focusing on the bolded words, to achieve the desired emphasis.

The worksheet’s educational purpose is to help students understand how to use cleft sentences to highlight specific parts of a sentence, thereby enhancing the meaning and focus of their writing. By emphasizing the bolded words, students learn to manipulate sentence structures to draw attention to particular details. This form of sentence construction is a valuable tool in English composition, as it allows for varied expression and can make written communication more impactful. The activity is designed to develop both the grammatical skills and the stylistic flexibility of students in crafting sentences.