Kangaroo Triangles

Kangaroo Triangles Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a line drawing of a stylized cat composed of various geometric shapes, predominantly triangles. The instructions at the top, “Count the Number of Triangles in the Picture Below & Color Them,” ask students to identify all the triangular shapes within the cat’s figure and color them in. The triangles are used to form different parts of the cat, such as the ears, face, and body, providing a creative way to integrate geometry with art. The worksheet encourages both careful analysis to count the triangles correctly and an artistic approach to coloring.

The educational aim of this worksheet is to develop students’ geometric recognition by identifying triangles within a larger, composite image. It also seeks to reinforce counting skills by having students count the number of triangles they find. The coloring task not only makes the activity more engaging for children but also helps to solidify their understanding of the shape by allowing them to highlight the triangles they have identified. Through this exercise, students practice their fine motor skills and learn to pay close attention to detail.