4 or 9 Of Them

4 or 9 Of Them Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet contains a large triangle divided into smaller triangles, creating a tessellation within its borders. The instruction “Count the Number of Triangles in the Picture Below & Color Them” challenges students to identify and enumerate all the triangle shapes within the larger figure and then color them in. This exercise requires careful observation and counting, as the triangles vary in size and are nested within one another. The goal is to ensure that students can recognize the triangle shape in various configurations and contexts.

The worksheet is designed to enhance the student’s geometric recognition skills by identifying multiple triangles within a single larger shape. It also teaches students to count accurately, as they must identify each individual triangle without counting the same one twice. The coloring component adds a hands-on aspect to the exercise, helping to reinforce memory through active participation. Through this activity, students can improve their attention to detail and fine motor skills, as they color within the lines of each distinct triangle.