Triangle Petals

Triangle Petals Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a central circular motif surrounded by triangular rays, resembling a stylized sun, and a single standalone triangle with an eye-like pattern at the bottom. The heading “Triangle” is followed by the instruction to “Count the Number of Triangles in the Picture Below & Color Them,” which directs students to both identify and count the triangular shapes within the drawing and then color them. The design tests the student’s ability to discern triangles within a composite image and to associate the abstract geometric concept with a concrete counting exercise. The drawing’s simplicity is intentional, focusing the student’s attention on the task of counting and coloring.

The aim of this worksheet is to develop the student’s counting and shape recognition skills simultaneously. It teaches them to accurately identify and enumerate triangles, a foundational mathematical skill. Coloring the triangles not only makes the task more engaging but also helps to reinforce the concept by providing a visual and kinesthetic learning experience. Through this activity, the student practices precision in counting, as well as the fine motor coordination involved in coloring specific areas.