Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This engaging worksheet is decorated with illustrations of children paired up with different sets of coins. It prompts students to count the coins next to each child, write the totals in the provided spaces, and then use the greater-than symbol to determine which child has more coins. The visual format is straightforward, with clear separation between each pair of children for easy comparison. It’s designed to be interactive and enjoyable, turning the act of counting and comparing into a game-like activity.

The purpose of this worksheet is to develop essential math skills in counting, addition, and the concept of comparison using the greater-than symbol. It encourages students to recognize and calculate the value of different coins, which is a foundational skill in financial literacy. By completing this worksheet, students will also practice writing numbers and symbols, honing their fine motor skills and number writing accuracy. Moreover, this exercise serves to boost critical thinking as children analyze and determine the greater value between two sets of coins.