Rewriting Sentences

Transition Words #8

Worksheet Description

The Transition Words worksheet is an exercise where students are tasked with correcting sentences that contain improperly used transition words. The directions ask students to rewrite each sentence, substituting the incorrect transition word with a correct one that makes sense within the context of the sentence. The sentences cover a variety of incorrect transitions, requiring students to understand the intended meaning of the sentences to choose the appropriate word. The incorrect transitions include contrastive, causal, and additive relationships, among others.

The worksheet’s educational aim is to enhance students’ ability to discern and correct inappropriate use of transition words, thereby improving their sentence construction skills. It teaches them to identify the logical relationship between ideas and to select transition words that accurately convey this relationship. The activity helps students understand that the coherence of their writing is significantly affected by the transition words they choose. Through this practice, students will learn to create clearer, more logically connected sentences, which is vital for effective writing.