Sort Into Columns

Transition Words #3

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents an activity centered on understanding the use of transition words in essay writing. It explains that transition words help readers navigate through an essay by indicating whether they are reading about a major supporting detail, a minor supporting detail, or the conclusion. A list of transition words is provided, such as “in conclusion,” “moreover,” and “first,” among others. The task for students is to categorize these words into three columns labeled “Major Details,” “Minor Details,” and “Conclusion,” based on the function the words would serve in an essay.

The objective of this worksheet is to teach students how to properly use transition words to structure an essay and guide the reader through the argument. It emphasizes the importance of signaling the level of importance of information and the position within the essay’s overall argument. The categorization activity is intended to reinforce the understanding of where and why different transition words are used. By completing the worksheet, students will be better prepared to craft well-organized essays with clear and effective transitions between ideas.