A Sentence Or Two

Transition Words #2

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a teaching tool focused on the use of transition words in writing. It provides a definition of transition words at the top, explaining that they are used to connect ideas, clauses, sentences, or larger sections of writing, and that they show relationships between parts of the text. Below the definition, the worksheet offers instructions for students to write sentences based on pictures provided, using specific types of transition words such as contrast, comparison, and sequence. Each picture is accompanied by a bracketed prompt for the student to use a transition word that fits the indicated type.

The goal of this worksheet is to practice the application of transition words in context. By asking students to write sentences related to a given picture using transition words, it encourages them to think about how these words function to link ideas together in a meaningful way. The exercise is designed to help students understand the nuances of different transition words and their impact on the flow of writing. This activity not only reinforces the vocabulary of transition words but also enhances students’ ability to write more cohesively and coherently.