Shakespeare’s Othello

Shakespeare's Othello

Worksheet Description

This educational worksheet is designed to deepen students’ understanding of Shakespeare’s “Othello,” focusing on its tragic elements. It prompts students to engage critically with the play by asking them to consider why “Othello” is categorized as a tragedy. They are encouraged to explore Othello’s character flaws, such as jealousy and over-trust, which inevitably lead to his demise, reflecting on how these personal attributes contribute to the tragic structure of the play.

Additionally, the worksheet asks students to compare Othello with other tragic heroes from Shakespeare’s works, like King Lear and Macbeth, to identify unique aspects of his character and narrative arc. It also invites them to analyze the social dynamics within the play, examining the reasons behind Othello’s portrayal as an outsider from the story’s outset. By answering these questions, students can examine the themes of race, otherness, and the tragic consequences of human frailties. This analytical approach encourages students to think beyond the plot, allowing them to grasp the complexities of Shakespearean tragedy and the enduring relevance of Othello’s character and experiences.