On Stilts

On Stilts Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a coloring activity that depicts two boys with stilts; one is standing on the ground and the other is elevated on the stilts. The instruction given is to color the boy on top, which refers to the boy who is raised above the ground on the stilts. The activity is designed to be simple and clear, helping students to easily identify which of the two boys is considered to be on top. It aims to engage the student in a fun activity while learning about positional words.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach the concept of “top” in terms of spatial awareness. By instructing the child to color the boy who is positioned higher than the other, it reinforces the child’s understanding of “top” as being above or at a higher level. This coloring activity also helps to develop fine motor skills as the child works to color within the lines. Furthermore, it serves as a visual exercise in distinguishing between different elevations and understanding their descriptive terms.