Top of the Stairs

Top of the Stairs Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a drawing activity that features the outline of stairs and prompts students to draw an image of themselves standing at the top of the stairs. The space provided for the drawing is blank, except for the stair outline, which serves as a guide for where to place the figure. It is an open-ended task that allows children to interpret and represent the concept of ‘top’ in a personal and creative way. The title “TOP AND BOTTOM” emphasizes the educational focus on understanding relative positions.

The worksheet’s purpose is to teach students about spatial concepts, particularly the meaning of ‘top’ as it relates to position and orientation. By drawing themselves at the top of the stairs, students are actively engaging with the concept, which can aid in better retention and understanding. This task also encourages self-expression through drawing and can help improve fine motor skills. Additionally, it could serve as an introduction to perspective in drawing, as the students must consider where to place their figure in relation to the stair steps.