Where Is That Butterfly

Where Is That Butterfly Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a language activity designed to help young learners understand the concepts of “top” and “bottom.” It features four panels, each with a simple illustration and a question prompting the student to identify the position of one item relative to another. For example, it asks where the butterfly is in relation to the car, and where the house is in relation to the cloud. The students must read the sentence and then circle the correct word—either “Top” or “Bottom”—to indicate their answer.

The worksheet is intended to teach students to recognize spatial relationships and the corresponding vocabulary. Through this activity, children are encouraged to look at the pictures, read the questions, and determine the relative positions of the objects. It’s a practical exercise in applying the terms “top” and “bottom” in different contexts. Additionally, this task supports reading comprehension and decision-making based on visual cues.