The Original 13 Colonies

The Original 13 Colonies Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a concise history of the first six of the original 13 colonies of America, highlighting the unique aspects and contributions of each to the founding of the United States. It provides students with historical context and key facts about the colonies, such as Virginia’s economic significance, Massachusetts’s role in the American Revolution, New Hampshire’s fishing industry, Maryland’s religious tolerance, Connecticut’s constitutional leadership, and Rhode Island’s foundation on the principles of separation of church and state. Each colony’s description includes its founding year, significant economic or social contributions, and notable historical events or legislations.

The worksheet is designed to impart knowledge about the diversity of the origins and development of the original 13 colonies. It teaches students how different colonies were founded on various principles, including economic pursuits, religious freedom, and political innovation. The information provided aims to help students understand the individual and collective importance of each colony in shaping the early political, cultural, and social landscape of America. Additionally, the worksheet lays the groundwork for students to appreciate the complexities and regional differences that would later influence the country’s path to independence and nationhood.