The Geography

The Geography Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a map of the eastern coast of the current United States with numbered blanks corresponding to the geographic locations of the 13 original colonies. Above the map is a word box containing the names of these colonies. Students are instructed to use the word box to correctly identify and write the name of each colony next to its corresponding number on the map. The activity combines visual geography with historical knowledge, allowing for an interactive learning experience.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students the geographical locations and names of the 13 original colonies in North America. It encourages the recognition of each colony by shape and position on the map, a skill that melds geography with history. The exercise also helps to reinforce the memorization of the colonies’ names as part of the foundational knowledge of American history. Additionally, by matching the colonies to their locations, students gain a spatial understanding of how these colonies were situated relative to each other, an important factor in the dynamics of early American colonial history.