The Dentist And The Crocodile

The Dentist And The Crocodile

Worksheet Description

This Poetry Comprehension worksheet introduces students to the delightful world of Roald Dahl’s humorous poem, “The Dentist and the Crocodile.” In this poem, a crocodile visits a dentist for a checkup, creating comedic tension as the dentist grapples with the task.

Students commence by reading the poem attentively, immersing themselves in Dahl’s witty language and comical storytelling. The poem encourages students to appreciate humor and wordplay in poetry.

Following their reading, students engage in comprehension questions designed to assess their understanding of the poem’s humor and narrative. These questions promote critical thinking and interpretation, allowing students to explore the poet’s intent and comedic genius.

This exercise not only enhances poetry comprehension skills but also introduces students to the joy of humor in verse, fostering an appreciation for the wit and imagination of Roald Dahl’s poetry.