Choose The Correct Definition

Technical Meanings #5

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet is designed to help students understand that words can have different meanings based on their use in specific fields. The worksheet provides a list of words along with multiple definitions. Students must circle the definition that corresponds to the technical meaning of the word in the context of the given field. For example, for the word “fork” in the field of gardening, students would select from definitions related to gardening tools rather than cutlery or other meanings.

The worksheet teaches students about the concept of context-specific vocabulary, emphasizing that words may have specialized meanings in particular subjects such as gardening, farming, geology, cooking, or football. It encourages students to recognize and understand the importance of context when interpreting the meaning of a word. By completing this worksheet, students learn to apply their knowledge of vocabulary in a more nuanced way, enhancing their comprehension skills for reading and understanding technical texts. This skill is crucial for academic success across various disciplines.