Susan B. Anthony

Technical Meanings #2

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet is centered around a historical quotation by Susan B. Anthony from 1873, addressing her indictment for voting. Students are tasked with underlining words in the quotation that they believe have technical meanings, particularly within the context of law and politics. They are then asked to circle the fields they think these words pertain to from a provided list, which includes money, law, education, politics, science, and health. The worksheet also prompts students to consider context clues that helped them decide on their answers and to verify the accuracy of their choices by looking up the words.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students how to identify and understand words with specialized meanings within specific contexts. It encourages them to analyze historical text for technical language that pertains to particular fields of knowledge, such as law and politics in this case. The exercise also develops research skills by asking students to confirm their answers through additional resources. This practice not only enriches their vocabulary but also deepens their understanding of the nuanced language used in historical documents and speeches, which is essential for advanced studies in history and civics.