Is It Technical?

Technical Meanings #15

Worksheet Description

The Technical Meanings worksheet is a vocabulary-building exercise intended to enhance students’ understanding of subject-specific terminology. Students are prompted to read an assigned text and write down any words they encounter which they suspect have technical meanings within the text’s subject domain. After identifying these words, the worksheet guides students to research and record the technical definitions to verify their initial thoughts on whether the words indeed had technical meanings.

The worksheet aims to teach students how to recognize and interpret technical language within academic texts, a skill vital for in-depth understanding and scholarly discussion within any subject area. It encourages critical thinking as students must discern between general and technical usage of words. Additionally, the worksheet fosters research skills as students look up and verify the meanings, reinforcing their learning and ensuring they can accurately use these terms in their own academic work or discussions. It is particularly useful in preparing students to engage with complex, domain-specific documents where precise terminology is crucial.