Your Research Paper

Technical Meanings #14

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet is designed as an aid for students in the process of writing a research paper. The instructions guide the student to review the final draft of their paper and identify any terms used that have specific technical meanings within the context of their research topic. They are then tasked with creating a glossary, using the worksheet to note down these terms and their definitions. This preparatory work forms the basis for a final glossary that should be typed and organized in alphabetical order, intended to accompany the research paper.

The worksheet aims to teach students the importance of clear communication in academic writing, especially when using specialized terminology. It encourages them to think about the accessibility of their work to others who may not share their expertise. By creating a glossary, students learn to consider their audience and the clarity of their paper. This exercise also helps in reinforcing their understanding of the technical terms they are using and the importance of precise definitions in academic discourse.