Using Context Clues

Technical Meanings #12

Worksheet Description

The Technical Meanings and Context Clues worksheet is designed to help students enhance their vocabulary skills by using context clues within a text. Students are instructed to read a text and note down any words they are unfamiliar with in the provided table. They are to use the surrounding words or context clues to infer the meaning of each unknown word, write down their inference, and then research the actual technical meaning using a dictionary. The worksheet is structured with columns for the word, the clues, the student’s inferred meaning, and the space to write the technical meaning after looking it up.

This worksheet teaches students to use context clues to deduce the meanings of unfamiliar words before verifying them with a dictionary, thereby improving their ability to understand and interpret technical language. It emphasizes the value of critical thinking and problem-solving in vocabulary acquisition. The activity also encourages students to engage with texts more interactively, fostering independent learning and research skills. By completing this worksheet, students not only expand their technical vocabulary but also enhance their reading comprehension and analytical abilities.