As You Read

Technical Meanings #11

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet is a vocabulary development tool that directs students to identify and research words with specialized meanings within a given text. The worksheet provides spaces for the student to record the name of the text and its field or domain. Then, as they read, they list words they believe have technical meanings and use resources to look up and note the technical definitions of those words. The format is designed to aid students in actively engaging with and understanding specialized vocabulary within educational or professional texts.

The worksheet is intended to teach students how to identify terms with context-specific meanings and understand their application within specialized fields. By researching and writing down the technical meanings of words, students practice using reference materials and become more familiar with the language used in different domains, such as science, technology, or the arts. This process helps to build a more precise vocabulary, which is crucial for academic reading, writing, and effective communication in various subject areas. It also encourages independent learning and the development of research skills.