Reading Informational Texts

Technical Meanings #10

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet is a comprehension and vocabulary organizer designed for use with informational texts. The worksheet instructs students to read an assigned text twice, using the organizer to note the main idea and any questions they have after the first reading. As they read the text a second time, they are to list any words they don’t understand, record the meanings of those words, and indicate whether the words have a technical meaning in a particular field or domain. The form is structured to aid in critical reading and understanding of complex texts.

The worksheet is teaching students to engage with informational texts methodically, enhancing their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. It prompts them to actively identify and understand new terminology, ask questions for deeper insight, and discern whether words are used in a general or technical context. This systematic approach to reading encourages close examination of text, critical thinking, and reflection, skills that are essential for academic success across all subjects. Additionally, it prepares students to approach technical or specialized materials with confidence and curiosity.