Aristotle’s Poetics

Technical Meanings #1

Worksheet Description

This Technical Meanings worksheet invites students to explore specific terminology within a given text, which is an excerpt from Part V of Aristotle’s “Poetics.” Students are instructed to identify words within the passage that have technical meanings in the context of Language Arts. After underlining these words in the text, they must then write down the word and its technical meaning, applying their understanding of language-specific terms. The worksheet combines reading comprehension with vocabulary skills, focusing on the precise meanings of words as used in a literary and technical context.

The worksheet is designed to enhance students’ literary analysis skills by having them identify and understand technical terms that are unique to the study of literature. It encourages close reading and critical thinking, as students must discern which words are used in a specialized manner within the text. This exercise not only broadens their vocabulary but also deepens their appreciation for the nuanced language that is often employed in literary theory and criticism. By completing this activity, students are learning to engage with texts on a more analytical level, preparing them for advanced studies in Language Arts.