Only The Important Things

Stranded on an Island #7

Worksheet Description

This worksheet depicts a scenario where the student has survived a shipwreck and finds themselves on a deserted island with various items scattered around, presumably from the wreck. The items are illustrated on the worksheet, and the student must choose which ones they would pick up and explain their reasons for these choices. The task requires the student to write down their choices and rationales on the provided lines. It’s an exercise in decision-making, where the student must consider the utility and importance of each item for survival.

The worksheet teaches students critical thinking by requiring them to assess the value and practical use of different items in a survival situation. It encourages them to prioritize based on necessity and the potential for multiple uses of a single item. The activity also enhances reasoning and justification skills, as students must articulate the rationale behind their choices. Finally, it introduces basic survival concepts, engaging students in problem-solving through a hypothetical yet realistic challenge.