What And Why

Stranded on an Island #4

Worksheet Description

The “Stranded on an Island” worksheet is a creative exercise that asks students to list items they would want to have if they were stranded on an island, along with reasons for their choices. The worksheet provides a two-column table for students to organize their thoughts, with one column labeled “What I Would Want” and the other “Why”. This structure encourages students to think critically about the necessities for survival and the justification for each item they deem important.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about prioritization, critical thinking, and the reasoning behind making choices in survival situations. It challenges them to consider what items are essential and why, promoting a deeper understanding of the difference between wants and needs. The activity also hones students’ ability to articulate their thoughts and decision-making processes. Through this exercise, they learn to evaluate scenarios, make informed decisions, and justify their choices logically.