In The Jungle

Stranded on an Island #2

Worksheet Description

This “Stranded on an Island” worksheet places students in a hypothetical survival situation to inspire creative thinking and problem-solving. The scenario begins with the student waking up on a beach after a shipwreck, with the ocean on one side and a jungle on the other. It invites them to explore what they would hope to find in the jungle to aid in their survival and, conversely, what they hope not to encounter. This imaginative exercise encourages students to consider both the resources that would be beneficial and the dangers that could be detrimental in a survival situation.

The worksheet is intended to teach students critical thinking skills by asking them to identify potential resources and hazards in an unfamiliar environment. It stimulates their ability to assess their needs and anticipate challenges they might face while stranded. By having them explain their reasons, the worksheet also enhances their ability to articulate thoughts and make decisions based on logical reasoning. Furthermore, it fosters creativity and adaptability, as students must imagine solutions to survive within the constraints of the scenario presented.