The Peaks And Endings

The Peaks And Endings

Worksheet Description

Embark on a thrilling storytelling adventure with our “Story Structure Graphic Organizer” worksheet! Students will unravel the captivating elements of a story and understand its narrative arc.

In the first shape, students will vividly describe the setting of the story, transporting readers to the world where the events take place. Next, learners will fill in the character shape, introducing the key players and delving into their unique traits and roles within the narrative.

In the following shapes, students will explore the story’s structure. They will outline the exposition, introducing the main conflict, followed by the rising action, building anticipation as the plot unfolds.

The climax shape will be the pinnacle of excitement, representing the turning point where tension reaches its peak. Finally, in the falling action and resolution shapes, students will witness the resolution of the conflict and the conclusion of the story.