Conflict and Resolution

Conflict and Resolution

Worksheet Description

Step into the world of storytelling with our “Unravel the Story Structure” worksheet! In this engaging activity, students will dive into a captivating story and analyze its fundamental elements.

Step 1: Identifying the Tale

Students will start by writing down the title of the story to set the stage for their adventure.

Step 2: Uncovering the Conflict

Next, young readers will explore the heart of the story—the conflict. They will identify and describe the main challenge faced by the characters.

Step 3: The Antagonist

Revealed In this section, students will discover if there is anyone working against the main character and identify this character.

Step 4: Plotting the Solutions

Learners will explore how the main character attempts to solve the problem, the obstacles they encounter, and the strategies they employ.

Step 5: Resolving the Story

Finally, students will unravel the story’s conclusion and how the characters ultimately solve the problem.