Four Letter Steps

Four Letter Steps Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a part of the “Stair Step Spelling” series, where students learn to spell words by writing them across a series of blocks arranged in a stair-like pattern. On the right side of the worksheet, there is a list of words including “near,” “slip,” “coin,” “west,” “save,” “high,” “bake,” “boil,” and “foil.” Corresponding to each word, there is a set of empty blocks to the left, forming the shape of stair steps. Students are expected to spell out each word by writing one letter in each block, starting from the bottom and working their way up.

The “Stair Step Spelling” worksheet is designed to teach students the spelling of various words through a methodical and visual approach. By placing one letter in each block, they can focus on the individual letters that compose each word. This exercise helps to reinforce the structure and order of the letters within words, aiding in the development of their spelling skills. It is especially beneficial for visual learners, as it provides a clear and tangible way to visualize and remember the spelling of words.