Picture Builds

Picture Builds Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a spelling activity that uses the “Stair Step Spelling” format, where students fill in the letters of words corresponding to images in a stair-step diagram. The worksheet presents three images – a school, a rocket, and a piece of cheese – and provides a set of blank stair steps next to each. Students are instructed to look at each picture, say the word aloud, and then spell it out by filling the letters into the steps, starting from the top of the stairs and working their way down.

The “Stair Step Spelling” worksheet is designed to enhance students’ spelling skills by providing a visual and kinesthetic way to learn new words. By associating images with words, it helps students expand their vocabulary and reinforces their ability to spell words they can already identify by sight. This activity also encourages phonetic practice, as students must sound out the words before spelling them. Additionally, the stair-step approach aids memory retention by allowing students to visualize the construction of each word as they write it.