Sprightly Suffix Spree

Sprightly Suffix Spree Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet invites students on a grammatical adventure to expand their vocabulary by using the suffix “-ly”. The activity is laid out in a table format with four columns, prompting learners to take a base word listed in the first column, attach the suffix “-ly” in the second column, and then write the resulting new word in the third column. The final column is reserved for defining the meaning of the newly created word, deepening the student’s understanding. The worksheet’s structure provides a clear and focused approach to exploring how suffixes can change the form and meaning of words.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about the versatility of the English language, specifically how adding a suffix can transform a word’s part of speech, typically turning adjectives into adverbs. It demonstrates the way that suffixes can modify the meaning of a word, imbuing it with a sense of “in the manner of” or “characteristic of” the root. Students learn to analyze words and recognize patterns in word formation, which is a crucial skill for reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Through this exercise, students also enhance their dictionary skills as they define each new term they create, solidifying their understanding of word meanings and usage.