Interpreting 116

Sonnets #13

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 116,” known for its theme of defining true love. The worksheet acknowledges that while the sonnet is famous and widely appreciated, it has also been subject to criticism for being overly idealistic and bordering on cliché. The task set for students is to read the sonnet and form their own opinion on the matter, deciding whether they find the sonnet to be a profound meditation on love or too close to cliché and hyperbole.

The worksheet is designed to encourage students to engage critically with literature by forming and articulating their own interpretations of a text. It aims to teach them to recognize the subjective nature of literary analysis and understand that different readers can have varying responses to the same piece of writing. By asking students to evaluate “Sonnet 116” and explain their reasoning, the worksheet also enhances their ability to support their opinions with textual evidence. This fosters deeper thinking about themes, language, and the impact of literary works.