First To Final

Sonnet Writing #4

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a structured outline for writing a sonnet, segmenting the poem into its constituent parts. It prompts the student to introduce the speaker, audience, and the situation or problem in the first quatrain; develop the theme using figurative language in the second quatrain; continue theme development and introduce a turn or shift in the third quatrain; and provide a resolution in the final couplet. The layout is designed to guide the student through the traditional progression of thought in a sonnet.

The worksheet is instructing students on the classic structure of a sonnet and the progression of content within it. It teaches how to set up and evolve an argument or narrative across the sonnet’s three quatrains and concluding couplet. This exercise helps students understand the mechanics of sonnet construction, emphasizing thematic development, the use of figurative language, and the significance of the ‘volta’ or turn. It also encourages creativity within a defined poetic form, blending the technical aspects of sonnet writing with personal expression.