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Sonnet Writing #12

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a checklist for students to review the key features of a sonnet they have written or are planning to write. It contains prompts for ensuring the sonnet adheres to traditional standards: having 14 lines, each line containing 10 syllables, a rhyme scheme where alternate lines rhyme (with the exception of the final two lines, which should rhyme with each other), and the use of figurative language to develop its theme. Additionally, there’s a section for students to reflect on what aspects of their sonnet writing need improvement.

The worksheet is teaching students to self-assess their sonnet writing against the classic characteristics of the form. It emphasizes the importance of structure and style in sonnet composition, reinforcing the rules regarding line count, syllable count, rhyme, and thematic development through figurative language. The reflective question at the end encourages students to critically evaluate their own work and identify areas for growth, which is a valuable skill for developing as a writer. This activity helps instill an understanding of the sonnet form and encourages the iterative process of writing and revision.