Brainstorm A Subject

Sonnet Writing #11

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a template for students to write a sonnet, a form of poetry traditionally consisting of fourteen lines. It provides a dedicated space for brainstorming the subject of the sonnet, emphasizing the importance of conceptualizing the poem’s central theme or problem. Each line of the sonnet is labeled with the number of syllables and a corresponding rhyme scheme, following the pattern ABABCDCDEFEFGG, which is typical for Shakespearean sonnets.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students the structural elements of a sonnet, including the syllable count and rhyme scheme. It guides them through the initial step of brainstorming a theme, which is crucial for a cohesive and focused poem. The exercise helps students practice the discipline of writing within a specific poetic form, enhancing their understanding of meter and rhyme in poetry composition. By completing this worksheet, students will develop the ability to express complex ideas within the confines of a traditional sonnet structure.