Fourteen Lines

Sonnet Writing #10

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a template for students to use in writing their own sonnet, providing a clear structure for the rhyme scheme and syllable count for each line. Each line is marked with the required number of syllables (10) and a letter (A-G) corresponding to the rhyme pattern that the student should follow. The pattern provided is indicative of a Shakespearean sonnet, which consists of three quatrains (four lines each) followed by a closing couplet (two lines), with an alternating rhyme scheme culminating in a rhymed couplet.

The worksheet is teaching students the format and discipline required to write a Shakespearean sonnet. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strict syllable count—each line must consist of ten syllables—and adhering to a specific rhyme scheme (ABABCDCDEFEFGG). By following this template, students learn to craft their thoughts within a structured poetic form, balancing creativity with formal constraints. This exercise helps develop their skills in meter and rhyme, essential components of traditional English poetry.