Follow Directions

Follow Directions Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a creative drawing exercise focused on completing a snowman. It shows the basic outline of a snowman with two circular shapes for the body and head. Below the image, there is a list of instructions directing students to add various features to the snowman, such as eyes, a nose, a smile, a hat, arms, a scarf, and buttons. The worksheet is designed to guide students through the steps of drawing a detailed snowman by following specific directions.

The worksheet is intended to teach students fine motor skills through drawing, as well as to follow step-by-step instructions to achieve a desired outcome. It helps develop their ability to visualize and execute a creative idea, starting from a simple shape to a fully realized character. This exercise also allows children to express themselves artistically while learning to pay attention to detail and sequence. Furthermore, it can serve as an engaging way for students to connect with seasonal themes and activities.