Label The Parts

Label The Parts Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet provides an activity for labeling the parts of a snowman. There is a central image of a snowman with lines pointing to different parts of its body, including where the hat, eyes, nose, body, arms, and scarf would be. Below the image, there are words that correspond to these parts, and the students are instructed to cut these words out and paste them in the appropriate space next to the part of the snowman they label. This interactive task combines the fun of creating a snowman with a learning objective.

This worksheet is designed to teach students vocabulary related to body parts and clothing, specifically as it pertains to building a snowman. By matching words to the correct part of the snowman’s image, students learn to identify and label basic body parts and winter accessories. The cutting and pasting activity also helps to develop fine motor skills. Furthermore, the exercise can enhance reading skills as children practice recognizing and associating written words with images.