Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet focuses on the importance of smoke detectors in home fire safety. It provides a brief informative note on how smoke detectors can save lives, highlighting that 60% of fire deaths occur in homes without them. The worksheet includes a series of questions prompting students to engage with their home fire safety by inventorying smoke detectors, noting their locations, and recording maintenance details such as battery replacement. The final instruction encourages collaboration with an adult to test the smoke detectors, emphasizing the practical aspect of fire safety.

The worksheet is designed to educate students on the life-saving role of smoke detectors and to involve them in ensuring that these devices are properly maintained and functional in their homes. It teaches the importance of regular checks and awareness of the smoke detectors’ condition and location. The activity of working with an adult to test the detectors serves to instill responsibility and awareness about fire safety measures. Furthermore, by asking them to record when new batteries will be needed, the worksheet is promoting proactive fire safety habits among students and their families.