Baby Frog Leap

Baby Frog Leap Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered on a lighthearted skip counting activity that uses a frog theme to engage students. The page shows a series of lily pads in a zigzag pattern, each lily pad featuring a number. Students are prompted to help a baby frog character “leap” from pad to pad by skip counting and filling in the missing numbers along the way. The numbers begin at 10 and are arranged to increase by intervals, though not all numbers are shown, leaving gaps that the students must complete.

The educational goal of this worksheet is to develop students’ skills in skip counting by fours, as indicated by the sequence of numbers presented. It encourages children to identify and understand numerical patterns, which is a fundamental aspect of early arithmetic learning. This exercise also aids in enhancing mental calculation speed and reinforces the concept of addition in multiples. Engaging with this activity allows students to apply their counting skills in a fun and visually stimulating context.