Cherry For Sale

Cherry For Sale Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet, titled “CHERRY FOR SALE!”, depicts an image of a cherry tree with cherries, under which baskets are aligned with numbers on them. The numbers on the baskets increase by fours, starting from 16 and ending at 28, indicating a counting pattern that students are asked to analyze. The task seems to involve determining the number of “jumps” or steps a seller, presumably named Sally, must take to reach a target, which may be implied by the sequence of numbers. The worksheet combines counting practice with a scenario that a child might find relatable or intriguing.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students skip counting by fours, as evidenced by the numerical sequence on the baskets. Through this exercise, students are expected to identify the intervals between the numbers and continue the pattern beyond the last number shown. It also seems to incorporate a real-life application of math by associating it with the act of selling cherries, which can enhance a student’s understanding of counting in practical situations. Furthermore, the worksheet can help improve numerical recognition and the ability to predict subsequent numbers in a sequence.