Did My Work

Did My Work Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach the past tense verb “did,” using an illustration of a child doing homework to relate to the sentence “I did my work.” The sheet provides blocks for students to write the word “did” following the shape of its letters, a tracing section to practice handwriting, and a sentence completion exercise to apply the word in context. Finally, there is space provided for students to write the complete sentence by themselves, reinforcing their writing skills.

The worksheet’s objective is to instruct students on the use of the word “did,” which is essential for constructing past tense sentences. The word shape writing exercise aids in letter recognition and handwriting, while the tracing part focuses on improving fine motor skills. The sentence completion task helps students understand the word’s context and usage, and writing the full sentence promotes their ability to compose sentences independently, consolidating their grasp of the past tense.