But a Cat

But a Cat Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to introduce the conjunction “but,” which is used to connect contrasting ideas. Illustrated with a dog and a cat, it provides a simple sentence that uses “but” to show contrast: “I’m a dog, but you are a cat.” The worksheet has a section for students to write the word “but” in blocks shaped like the letters, a tracing part to practice handwriting, a sentence completion task using “but,” and a section for writing the full sentence.

The worksheet teaches the word “but” to students, emphasizing its role as a conjunction that combines sentences with opposing information. It helps students with letter recognition through the word shape writing activity and enhances handwriting with the tracing exercise. Completing the sentence provides context for how “but” is used in language, and writing the sentence encourages students to practice constructing sentences with conjunctions. This builds a foundation for more complex sentence structures in their future writing.