Like Bees

Like Bees Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is about the verb “like,” accompanied by an image of a bee to create a thematic context with the sample sentence “Do you like bees?” The worksheet instructs students to write the word “like” in blocks that match the shape of the letters, trace the word to practice handwriting, and complete sentences that incorporate “like” to understand its use in expressing preferences. It also includes variations of the sentence structure such as “I do ____ bees” and “They do not ____ bees,” to demonstrate affirmative and negative forms.

The worksheet teaches students the verb “like,” a fundamental English word for expressing preferences or interests. Through the writing and tracing exercises, it helps students learn the spelling and shape of the word. The sentence completion activities encourage understanding of the word’s context in both positive and negative statements, enhancing their grasp of basic sentence construction. The varied sentence structures aim to develop the students’ ability to form sentences expressing personal preferences and contrasting opinions.