What’s Going On?

Show Don't Tell #5

Worksheet Description

The “Show Don’t Tell” worksheet is a creative writing activity aimed at enhancing students’ ability to convey stories through descriptive imagery rather than exposition. The worksheet displays four different illustrations, each depicting a character in a unique scenario, complete with expressions and actions. Students are instructed to write a sentence for each picture that shows what the character is experiencing without directly stating it, encouraging the use of vivid descriptions and expressive language. This approach is designed to prompt students to think about how they can imply narrative details through the characters’ actions, expressions, and surroundings.

This worksheet teaches students the narrative technique of ‘showing’ rather than ‘telling’ in their writing, which is crucial for engaging readers and creating vivid images in their minds. It emphasizes the importance of using descriptive language to express characters’ emotions and reactions, which allows readers to infer what is happening rather than being explicitly told. The exercise also encourages students to be observant and imaginative, as they must interpret the visual cues from the illustrations and translate them into descriptive sentences. Additionally, this task helps to develop students’ ability to write dynamically and to show the depth of their characters’ experiences.